January 1, 2016
Ring in the New Year with Resolution! #2016

Ring in the New Year with Resolution! #2016

First off, Happy New Years to you!!  I am so thrilled my site launched in time to wish you all happiness, success, and health!  Does everyone agree how fast 2015 went by?! Hope everyone had their victories for the year, and ready for 2016.

Let’s ring in 2016 with some good old fashion resolutions.


It’s not uncommon to see you friends and family posting on social media their goals and aspirations for the New Year.  Everyone opens their Note app to list out goals to build on their current accomplishments or set goals to keep them on track.  Most of us are great at making resolutions, but terrible at staying resolute.

IMG_5912This year I have done some research on how to set realistic goals for the New Year.  To better keep my promises of saving more money and visiting my family back east.  I discovered there are two types of resolutions: Promotion Goals and Prevention Goals.  Promotion goals are hopes and dreams, aspirations and desire towards a future that is better than the present (“I will write a book” or “I will buy a house”) Prevention goals are tasks and obligations, discipline-oriented targets to keep you on track (“I will go to the gym” or “I will pay my rent on time”)

A great way to envision these two types of goals is promotion goals are about improvement, while prevention goals are about maintaining what you already have. Set realistic goals that are made for you.  

Below are my Top 10 Goals for 2016.

I choose the number 10 so at the end of the year I can see how many goals I accomplished and use that number as a percentage.  If I reach 8 out of 10 goals, that means I completed 80% of my list.  Always try to think of your accomplishments as a positive, a step might be small, but it is one step further than where you started.  

Promotion Goals

  • Obtain another promotion in my current profession
  • Meet with more leaders in their own specialties
  • Create separate savings account for all the things I want to save for; house, children’s savings, travel
  • Start writing for my blog twice a week and shooting a weekly video
  • Get makeup done by an old friend, who is now a beauty guru -Instagram @Jadeywadey180

Prevention Goals

  • Visit my grandma & aunties in Ohio this coming Spring / Summer
  • Create separate savings account for all the things I want to save for
  • Take my dog Princess and the family on a road trip once a month
  • Continue going to the gym 4 times a week ( I started 6 weeks ago to ensure this would happen in 2016)
  • Organize my garage


Please comment below with goals of your own! 

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