Born and raised in Southern California,
I am the second youngest of five children. There was never a dull moment. By dull, I mean quiet. Throughout my life my parents always implemented the importance of education and business ethics. My mother worked for a corporate golf company in Carlsbad and my father was a real estate agent and entrepreneur. I learned the best of both worlds of having a structured career and knowing what freedom I have to create my future. In middle school I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer. I worked hard taking AP and college courses in every subject they offered to set me ahead of my peers. My senior year, I was selected for a grant that I could take to the college of my choice. That same year I flew my grandmother out from Ohio to visit which she then became sick and ended up in the hospital. One visit she held my hand and said, “Honey, life is sweet but fast. Remember to always do what you love.” This stuck in my head for days until I realized I no longer wanted to be a lawyer. I needed to do something greater.

Last minute I changed my mind to attend fashion school and only applied to one college before the deadline. After a couple interviews, I was accepted to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising where I obtained my degree. Upon graduating I started my career as a personal stylist and worked as a fashion technical designer for lifestyle brands and women’s contemporary wear forecasting and designing the future of retail fashion. As I was starting my career, I was blessed with the news that I was expecting my first baby! All the emotions of becoming a mother sank in, and I was in love with my new life.

I kept working and jumped careers to work for Bed Bath & Beyond knowing that Buy Buy Baby would soon be opening in my area. Finally my daughter was born and I was given the opportunity to take a break from work and be a stay at home mom for a couple of years. To keep my creative mind busy I worked from home revamping accessories for tech gadgets and women’s wear to better complement the end user. I also bought every tech item I could find to test out the user experience to recommend my picks to my friends. Technology was on the rise for innovation, but lacked style! For a couple of years I styled close clients and friends along with taking their favorite tech items and making them modern. Being so proficient at this, the nickname “Techy” emerged which stuck with me for years.

Fast forward several years, here I am still in Southern California with two beautiful children. Currently I manage the top baby and kid brands for national distribution, and I am also responsible for acquiring the market’s top toy and STEM robots. I help bring these products to mass market, further influencing our educational markets and this emerging segment to grow. It has been so important for me to help the market realize the significant impact that these products make on our daily lives. Technology is advancing every moment. A new idea was born yesterday, and tomorrow is already destined.

How did I get the name TechyGirl?

First off, it breaks the boundaries. Which I love! The industry I am in is full of primarily men, especially in tech. I wanted to dig deep and have a name that evolved over the course of my life. Elements of women empowerment and diversity in technology needed to stand out.

Obsessed with tech since I was a little girl, I had to use that word and add some flair! I considered myself “techy”. Being labeled a “girl” than a woman was a unique choice for me. I wanted to emphasis that I purposely picked this word because I will forever be a risk taker, dreamer, and have the courage to do anything my heart desires. This is the mindset I had since I was a little girl. We all can look back in our past and remember when we were fearless children with adventure in our eyes. This way of thinking is SO important to me. I know I am a woman but I want to forever be called a girl.

My ultimate goal is to have fun,
identify superior products and share my experiences with you. As a working mom, I needed to find the latest and greatest gadgets that made me feel safe, deliver a great user experience, and help make my daily routine easier. I understand what it is like to be a parent in the 21st century and the importance of reliable friendly technology.

Grab your favorite tablet and some snacks – I hope you stay awhile.